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This page of the website describes the Terms & Conditions that will help you to use www.newjobsresult.in. We urge you that if you’re using this site/ web site/ website, you should go through this page and understand terms & conditions. At any point, If your thoughts don’t go with us, do not use this Website or Services.  By using this website after reading or without reading the T&C, you’re proving your acceptance to be sure of using content provided on this website.


We the www.newjobsresult.in reserve the right to modify the agreement described here at any situation, condition, any time or any reason. Every alteration, modification or amendment is done in the Agreement, it would be published here at www.newjobsresult.in. But you can’t take your responsibility lightly of keeping updated yourself with every change done in this agreement. We believe that as a user, you have to be aware of every modification responsibly. If any of the member/user/subscribers objects to any of the T&C of this agreement or subsequently a change or if they’re not satisfied in any manner with this website, they can stop the use of the website and end up the registration/subscription with www.newjobsresult.in.


Here at www.newjobsresult.in we never share single information of any kind in any condition of our believers. Significantly, you have to bear the responsibility of the confidentiality of information and password (if any). The authenticity of the information of registration/ subscription will be the responsibility of the user. However, we do not take accountability for any unauthorized use of your registration or password, you are still required to notify the company on an urgent basis.


At the moment when visitors are on NewJobsResult.in, send us an email, they’re interacting with us digitally/ electronically. They agree to receive back the whole communication digitally at our end. We will revert them electronically (Through an E-mail or Notices published on the website). You concur that all understandings, notification, revelations, and different interchanges that we give to you electronically fulfill any lawful necessity that such correspondences be recorded as a hard copy. By subscribing to NewJobsResult.in you explicitly assent that you will occasionally get Job-related/Marketing Emails and notification pop-ups from NewJobsResult.in at an alternate point in time.


The elements used on this website such as Content, Graphics, Logos, Buttons or Icons pictures, sound clasps, advanced downloads, information aggregations, and programming, are the property of www.newjobsresult.in or it’s providers and secured by Indian and global copyright laws. The assemblage of all content on this site, software utilized on this site is the elite property of www.newjobsresult.in or its suppliers and ensured by Indian and universal copyright laws.


Every element used on www.newjobsresult.in denoting its Identities such as Logo, page formats and illustration, scripts, buttons/icons and title of the services are the trademark of www.newjobsresult.in or it’s suppliers and cannot be taken by anyone/any website/ any service which is not associated with www.newjobsresult.in in any condition likely to wander our returning visitors/customers or in any manner discredits www.newjobsresult.in. Rest of the graphics used on this website to indicate the content/topic are created for just an indication and are the property of their owners and also, we don’t claim them to be a property of the website.


We, the team of www.newjobsresult.in, offer limited permission to the user for accessing the website for personal use. No one (except the technical team of the website) is allowed to download (other than page caching), make any kind of modification in any portion of the site. This permit denies its access for any resale or use of this website or the content used on the website for business utilization; any assortment and utilization of any item postings, portrayals, or costs; any subordinate utilization of this website or its substance; any downloading or duplicating of account data to benefit another trader; or any utilization of data mining, robots, or data collection and extraction devices.

We don’t permit anyone to regenerate, copy, sell, resale, visit or exploit the website or its any portion for business purpose in absence of “Rights” in written on hard copy approved by www.newjobsresult.in officials. You’re not allowed to enclose our trademarks, logo, or data or any kind (images, text, page layout, or form) available on www.newjobsresult.in and our affiliates by using any framing and other technique without written permission approved by www.newjobsresult.in. You’re not permitted to write/use Meta Tags or any of the Hidden-Text containing the title (www.newjobsresult.in) or trademark of the website; a link generated including name, logo, trademark without written permission from officials of the website.


Anyone unauthorized (User, subscriber, client, affiliate, host, network, or anyone else) visiting the website is banned from violating or attempting to violate the security protection of newjobsresult.in. Using this website, the following must be in your consideration,

  • An unauthorized user/visitor or software utility is strictly prohibited to access or login into the server or any account associated with www.newjobsresult.in
  • You’re strictly not allowed to investigate, scan, or test the susceptibility of our system or network or to crack security or authentication parameters in any manner/any condition.
  • We strictly stand and ready to take instant action against any kind of attack on the website. You’re prohibited attempting an interfere with the services provided to the user, host, network, client, or affiliate by submitting a bugs/virus, overloading, flooding, spamming mail bombing, or crashing the website.
  • No unwanted email, promotions/advertisement of any kind supposed to be entertained at our end without permission.
  • Counterfeiting any TCP/IP header pack or any area of the header details are not open/available to any promotional email or newsgroup post. The infringement of framework or system security may bring about civil or criminal risk. The Company will put the case on the investigation which may include such infringement and may include, and in cooperation with, law enforcement authorities in prosecuting users who are associated with such infringement.


This is in the context of the SMS/email alert service offered by newjobsresult.in. This agreement consents the user’s data in the form of their mobile number to be used by the website for offering services like career-related and other useful informative alerts. Concerning the ‘alerts’ organization being introduced by Newjobsresult.in; the contender consents to the usage of his data as PDA number(s) being used by Newjobsresult.in and its associates to progress huge business cautions and other information as and when they become open.